Madam - you're going to live where?Remember me saying that I didn’t know where I was going to be living next year?

Well that video was shot in July – and back then I didn’t know.

But you see, things have moved on, time has passed, things have evolved… and I do now know exactly where I’m going to be and indeed when.

I can tell you’re agog to find out more.

First, just in case you’re not a regular reader, I’ll recap. And really – you’re missing good stuff, go press the subscribe button at the top of the page right now. You can’t be missing gossip like this.

So, I was very bold on the 1 January this year. And told the whole world – or more exactly, all of you lovely readers – that I had only one resolution for the year. And that was to not live in India by Christmas. In fact, I set myself the plan to be living elsewhere by November. I wrote it boldly on my calendar and I even – oh yes – underlined it.

And that was pretty much it, I stopped thinking about it. I’d move to Sri Lanka. How hard would that be, right?

Well things changed, other opportunities came up – specifically there was talk of New York and of Sydney. One of those got me very excited: one, not so much.

But moving in November wasn’t quite as convenient – which would be fine except it seemed a lot of people were asking about that resolution. And it seems I’m going to break it well and truly, because I can now reveal that I will be moving in April next year.

This week I booked my ticket to London for end of April 2014 and will spend a month at home before moving to…

really, you’ll never guess

…because, you see, I’m moving to Canada.

Or more exactly, Toronto.

Yeah, I know, freaky eh? No-one is more surprised than me.

After all Canada is not known for it’s balmy winters and palm trees. And Toronto isn’t exactly next to the ocean. All of which are requirements for my usual city domiciles – well unless it’s NYC, I’ll make a lot of exceptions for that beloved city.

So, that rather beggars the question – why am I moving to Toronto?

And that dear reader, I shall answer next week. Mostly because I know enough people are still re-reading ‘Toronto’ over and over again, and wondering how the hell that happened.

I’ll tell you more on Monday. See how nice I am? I’m not even making you wait a whole week.


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