Madam - writing and spoiling

This week in Signage Sunday, we have this delightful sign from Padmanabhapuram Palace in Kerala. Well it’s just into Tamil Nadu, but it’s looked after by the Kerala state as it’s part of the heritage of the Travancore Kinds.

More of them another day.

I’ll say no more than for reasons that entirely baffle me, rabid anti-monarchist that I am, we ended up having tea and cake with the eldest Travancore princess and first in line to the throne. That was rather an odd day.

Anyway, it’s a lovely palace and makes a grand day out, or a great visit on the way to Kanukamari – or as I like to think of it ‘the pointy bit at the bottom of India’.

I can be very high brow.

What I like about this sign is ‘spoiling’ as a verb. And the idea that writing on the walls, isn’t ideal, but it isn’t actually spoiling something.

Plus there’s something slightly Victorian about the wording. And there’s no intimation as to what the punishment might be.

It’s all very intriguing.


Part of a new series of ‘Signage Sundays’. Yes, I am slightly obsessed with signage.

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