Madam - a hanging heartNow, this is just a tiny post really.

I’m not sure if it’s a Bangalorian thing, or a general India wide thing, but in several conversations recently I’ve noticed people saying ‘I wanted to wish you’ or  when a friend spoke about somewhere that was super unfriendly, she said ‘they wouldn’t even wish me.’

It’s rather lovely – the point being that it’s a contraction of ‘wish you good morning’ or Merry Christmas or whatever good cheer you might wish to bestow on someone.  Or even just a simple contraction of ‘greet you’.

I find it delightful somehow – to have someone want to ‘wish me’. To my ear it sounds more from the heart than ‘I wanted to wish you good morning’. Or even just the plain ‘good morning’.

‘Wish you’, sounds much more from the heartfelt somehow.

Much as I find India generally – all from the heart – and all very lovely – as I have mentioned many times…