Windmills signI live in Bangalore which, as you can imagine, is expanding rapidly.

There are a huge number of apartments being built and many of them out in Whitefield near the IT parks are very fancy – after all, those call centres need somewhere for their overseas managers to stay.

And obviously every building needs a name, something to define the standard of living available there and to draw the punters in. Fair enough. However,  it would seem that either all the good names have gone. After heavy use of the palm tree and royal – Prestige Palms, White Palms, Royal Vista, no doubt I’ve just missed seeing Royal Palms.

So things have taken a turn for the surreal. One of my bosses lives in a very fancy development of beautiful homes – really stunning split level, marble floor, high ceilinged affairs – there’s even a lap pool in the garden. It’s a very thin strip of swimming pool;  it would appear to be Olympic length but only one person wide.

This may or may not be true Olympic length,  I know nothing of such things, but it is very fine to stand next to whilst clutching a martini.

The Magic Faraway Tree?Anyway, this vision of loveliness is called – wait for it – Windmills of your Mind. Really. The poor man, has to announce this astonishing fact every time he gives his address.  He’s developed  a particularly charming nod to acknowledge the matter every time he has to tell someone new, and obviously refers to it as ‘windmills’ rather than the whole thing.

But it actually gets worse – this development is only one of many from the same company. They have also launched Van Gogh’s Garden on an unsuspecting world, which in itself confuses me – as he wasn’t exactly known for his gardening skills. Matisse, very big in such areas – Van Gogh, not so much…

And they also have my personal favourite – the Magic Far Away Tree. Remember these are million dollar homes and they are stunning; can you really imagine your heavy industry business magnet thinking… Hmmm, yes this is the level of prestige I need to impress clients, I shall live at the Magic Far Away Tree?

No, I couldn’t either.


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