Why is she in India?

Rethink light bulbSo, here’s the scoop.

I came out to India a few years back to work for Dreamworks in Bangalore. It was fun, but it wasn’t to be long term. Increasingly my mind was on my coaching business Rethink Retreats, and as we know where your focus goes, so your mind will follow.

So last year, I went full time coaching, masterminding and helping my clients regain their work mojo and be happy and directed souls again. I love this new life. I work from home and I particularly love working with entrepreneurs. So much energy.

I work online now, which means that I can work from anywhere – or as they call it in fancy terms, I’m location independent. Oooh!

That means if you’re a keen reader of this blog, that you’ll have noticed a lot more travel creeping in over the last year. As my clients in the US, UK and Australia really don’t mind where I am, as long as I’m also  online. It is frankly marvellous.

I love my home in India, but I suspect I’ll be moving on soon, as the political climate has changed here and my need to be by the ocean is also rising.

So, I’ve spent most of the last twenty years doing visual FX for Hollywood films mostly made in London, and doing lots of broadcast work all over the place. I’ left all that last year, but for years, I worked on the lighting side of  post production, making pretty pictures.  It was fun at Dreamworks, but it’s much, much cooler to be actively helping people achieve so much more through training and coaching.

And I get to stay on in India as I’m still going to be teaching film and cinematography to colleges and film studios all over the country. Which is really rather fabulous.