Madam let me tell you one thing - snow laden sky in March

I took this when I was at home in London a few weeks back – that grey sky is full of snow.

Snow, in March!

That’s when the daffodils should be bursting forth and cherry blossom should be doing its thing. Spring should be well on the way and there should be a warmth in the air.

But the weather has been cruel to London recently and not only was it snowing while I was there, it got considerably colder directly after I left.

As it was, I had to be forcibly peeled away from the radiators in order to leave the building on a few of the days it dipped below freezing when I was there. I’m not good with cold now I’m used to India.

So this post is really just a note to self: stay in warm climates.

I’ll be leaving India this year, and I want to be very clear with myself that there’s to be none of this truck with places that are temperate. A chilly day to me now is one where it gets below 23 degrees celsius (brrr!)


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