So, as you’re an astute reader, you’ll have noticed that I’m taking one or two new clients at the moment – and you may be wondering why?

Well, this little video will reveal all. You see there’s a reason: a cake related reason.

Get in touch buttonAs you watch this video, I’ll still be in the US shooting footage for my new career course that’ll be out in the winter. I’m also shooting something else – two little personal projects – and I talk about that in the video…

And if you like the idea of being independent and working from anywhere – then press the yellow button and get in touch. Then we can see if you’re one of the two people I’ll start working with this month. I’m only taking a very few clients at the moment – wouldn’t it be cool if it was you?

So if you’ve been thinking about working with me – or your intrigued to see if coaching is for you – or hell even if you’d just like to get in touch. Then hit the very yellow button and lets get talking.

You know you want to!

PS In the video I mention that we’re doing it in Vancouver… we actually ended up in New York. What am I talking about? Just click play to find out more!


If you’d like to catch up on the other videos where I’m talking about this sort of thing, then check me out here. I’m a fool for a video camera at the moment!:

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And if you’re interested in one to one coaching – do get in touch to find out more. Really I’m only going to be doing these strategy sessions for a tiny bit longer.

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