Madam - what's your second best story

I got in the cab still laughing and the cabbie smiles and says, You finishing for the night?

Yes, you just starting?

Yeah, I’ve only been on for a half an hour.

How long you worked nights?

35 years.

Gosh, you must have some stories.

No, not really, I’m not good at remembering faces. And I’m rubbish with celebrities.

Really? What’s your best story then?

And then he launched into a long story about selling Richard Burton a telly back in the ‘70s. How he dropped the TV off to Burton’s boat in Limehouse and this was back when him and Liz Taylor were together. 

As we roar through the quiet streets, he told me about the drinking benders he shared with Richard Burton and details of the crew on the man himself’s boat and the mischief they all got up drinking Burton’s booze.

I tease out as much detail as I can – after all this is Richard Burton we’re talking about here, at the height of his fame no less. He tells me more, he makes me shriek with laughter and eventually, I shake my head and say, And you said you didn’t have any stories?

Well, only that one. That’s my best.

What’s your second best then?

And so we’re off again, another tale, another story, another night in London.

And right there, sat in the back of that cab – right there, I love black cabbies and I love London.


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