Madam - what's going to happen to the blog?So the other question I’ve been asked since I ‘fessed up to emigrating to (of all places) Canada, is this:

What about the blog? It’s supposed to be about Indian English.

Yes, that. Tad awkward, that.

But is this blog really about India? These days it’s mostly about silly signs, my foolish life and the trouble I have with the cleaner.

All of that can be found elsewhere – as I have abundantly proved by my many daft signs in NYC, my foolish antics in Costa Rica and I’m sure they have cleaners in Canada – though possibly if we share a language it won’t be as complex a job to get a spot of dusting done.

And the blog name’s quite vague. If you don’t know that you hear “Madam, let me tell you one thing” all the time here, it’s pretty generic. Weird admittedly, but not linked to one place.

And I will be coming back to India regularly – end of 2014 for sure. So there’ll be ‘startled first world meets developing world’ posts to come. Plus, it’s four months till I’m off, so there’s plenty still to say in the meantime.

So, if it pleases you, dear reader, I’m going to keep on writing this blog wherever I’m living.

And to be honest, even if it doesn’t please you – and you’re a stickler for ‘but, you said it was about India’ – then I refer you to the ‘my blog, my rules’ part of our arrangement.

I hate to pull rank, but you know, there it is.


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