Remember I was in the Punjab working and doing some yoga about 6 weeks back?

Course you do – I had a scary drive down a mountain, a row on a train, and shouted at people, who may, ahem, have been short of a limb or two…

Well before all that, I was working while on the most delightful yoga retreat at Pong Dam (real place, I kid you not) with the lovely Su Sareen, doing Scaravelli yoga.

Well, Su’s made this charming little video about the retreat – and amongst others it features the lovely me. Looking frightful I might add, but there you go. Note to self, next year, I really must learn to comb my hair.

But my fluffy hair not withstanding, Su is an astounding teacher and if you get a chance do check out her website, her book and her retreats.


This is a video. Yes I know, I’m stating the obvious… but if you like videos I’ve got a few more you might peruse.

And soon I’m going to start doing a video a week. I’ve been threatening this for a while, but in the glorious future of 2013, this glittering reality will happen.

Probably really quite soon. Oh yes.

In the meantime, check out these lovely, but entirely unrelated videos:

The crow chorus at dusk

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A little bit of monsoon for you

And of course, do comment below and do tell all your friends…