It was my birthday last week – I was 21 (again) – just like every year. Ahem.

Anyway apart from that, I was in New York finishing the filming of both my shiny new career course (out soon, watch this space and all that) but shooting my utterly foolish documentary about cake and it’s cultural significance. I know you’re on the edge of your seat to know more about that, and I’ll be sharing some of the rushes next week. That’s what us film types call the unedited bits of film before it’s been all tarted up to look wonderful.

And talking of not being tarted up looking wonderful… that brings me to this little video post from the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ve wanted to have drinks up there for years. I’m not entirely sure why I’ve never done it, but either way it was truly marvellous to end a brill and productive week with a treat.

So being a sharing sort, I made this little video for you. Nice, eh? It’s foolish, but it’ll give you a flavour of what’s to come cake doc wise. This is apparently what you can spend your time doing when you can work from anywhere. Brace yourselves.

Oh and while I think of it – I decided to make a separate video channel for this blog (rather than the main Rethink Retreats one that’s mostly for travel and venues or the ones for our coaching, yoga or food strands). So it’s very new. If you’re feeling very kind, you might subscribe to the channel and give it some love… ah go on, it is after all, my birthday… ha ha!


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We’ve got a shiny new redesign of this blog coming soon too – it should see facebook comments returning (at last). Till then, why not share your thoughts below the old fashioned wordpress way? At the very least, do please wish me a happy birthday for Friday!