So, the keen eyed amongst you will have noticed there was no post last Wednesday.

And that’s unusual, as there is always a Wednesday post.

But last week I was in a reception black spot. And I was also in hotel that didn’t have wifi I could connect to. God alone knows why, everyone else’s phone could connect to it, but my laptop couldn’t.

They were very nice about it – I even spoke to the service provider, who dolefully told me ‘you’ve got tight security on your laptop, haven’t you?’

Well yes, but that’s a good thing and it really shouldn’t affect my ability to connect to your wifi. I use it all over the world with no problems.

But apparently not at that hotel.

So, I had lovely words of wisdom for you and no way to get them to you.

Usually when I’m travelling I write a couple of weeks posts in advance and have them neatly set up ready to go so there’s no interruption in your reading pleasure – but I was all excited about being home in the UK and wanted to write a few fresh thoughts about that.

They were written… but the transmitting bit was problematic.

For three days.

Three days offline for was torture. Good job I was distracted by the fabulous wedding of two dear friends and their deeply entertaining guests. More of that soon.

But, if you’ve been missing your usual foolish dose of Liz, may I direct you to the video above? It’s from some recent YouTube stuff that I shot for a friends documentary project in India. There are a three of them all to do with ‘Leadership Insights’.


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And the usual Wednesday post will be up tomorrow as usual. And breathe. Yes all is right with the world again.