Madam - bend time to your willBlimey – what a week. I’ve been working like a demon on my new course.

And my other new group.

And that course I’m taking.

And that application that came good.

And that whole emigration thing.

Oh yes, and because I did well with that application and got on the program, I now have to emigrate a month earlier than expected, as I need to go spend a week in Costa Rica. Which is wonderful, but I will need to sort out the finances to do that: which of course probably means extra work…

I love what I do, but as you can see, I have a tendency to do too much. Repeatedly. It’s hard when I get such a kick out of seeing people change and grow from working with me. It’s addictive.

So, I’m going to keep this short, as I have to get an email out about the new time management video. Hysterically, that’s late.


I know I could have got it out on time, but it’d have meant working very late and my body was screaming for sleep and frankly as I run a company that has an underlying set of values about stress management – it seemed ridiculous to do so.

The thing is, I’d missed one of my own cardinal rules – I’ve been skipping my days off to push through and help more people. Don’t do that, take time to recharge your batteries.

So, you can see the new time management training video here. It’s part of the free training I’ve been sharing the last two weeks – my best goal setting stuff, a fabulous way to beat procrastination and ways to balance your days so you don’t overwork (though that only works if you actually follow the instructions… )

Click here to get the training right now. Youu can see the first two free videos as well – the first is about uncovering why you’re not hitting your goals and the second one is how to slay procrastination, and then the third one.

More good stuff very soon – now I must go and do three things at once.


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