Madam Indian Blue skyAs you read this, I’ll be on a flight to London.

And that will be the end of my current time in India.

This is big stuff for me – when I came here, I thought I’d be in India for 7 years, instead it’s only been 3.

Then I thought I’d be moving to Sri Lanka. Then middle of last year Sydney nudged in, followed by NYC as a possibility. That would be lovely – I’m a sucker for the warm weather in New York (though as we know, I’m not a fan of the winters).

Instead, life took me in a totally different direction and I’m off for a few days in London, a month in Costa Rica, 6 weeks in the UK all before 6 months in Canada… then back to India for the winter. As really there’s no point being foolish and rushing into a Canadian winter if I don’t have to.

It feels very, very odd to be leaving India. Mostly because it doesn’t feel like I’m leaving at all. It just feels like another long (ace) trip I’m on.

Then I remember I’ve given up my home and that when I get back to India in December – I won’t have an apartment here any more. Freaky.

I’m hoping that by then my sense of humour will have returned and I’ll be once more entertained by the inefficiency, daft signs and general foolishness here. Right now, I’ve become simply irked by things, rather than amused.

And that sucks. If you’re not enjoying the country you live in, simply move. We’re not plants, we can just relocate. This is so obvious, yet so rarely done. Instead, people stand around whinging about where they live. Not me – it’s time for a change.

So, roll on seaside views, business retreats and exciting new vistas for the next year.

And today, if you look up – think of me up there in the blue sky moving towards… whatever’s next.

I’ll be writing lots of blog posts up there. I always write a lot on flights. So I’ll be sharing a lot of thoughts on my time in India over the next months. So I might not be here, but my thoughts will be. So, see you next week for more of the usual daft info about India.


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