Now then, a few weeks back on the Rethink Retreats blog I shared a video in Amsterdam of me talking about how I live my perfect life thanks to coaching and clear goals. I was quite pleased with the video – but when I showed it to my coach he pointed out I wasn’t clear about what I was offering – he was of course right (coaches so often are!). So I made a new version, the version above.

Get in touch buttonI’ve added a little more at the end to tell you about the complimentary strategy session I’m currently offering. If you’ve ever wondered about working with me – this is a way to get a one hour session with me to discuss your goals and how I can support you to change.

I love working with new clients – but I realised that with all my recent work for other coaches, I’d let this delightful pleasure slip a little. I was seeing less of my own clients so that I could work with colleagues clients. Which was wonderful – but I get such a lot out of working directly with career changers and entrepreneurs, that I decided to make this strategy session offer.

So, if you’re a big action taker – are sure you’re going somewhere and want some help getting there, then press the yellow button and lets start talking.

And if it’s not for you – then just marvel at the truly hideous still YouTube has chosen for me – I look like I’m going to punch someone. Believe it or not this was the best option of the three on offer. One I looked like I was about to slip into a coma (eyes shut, head back, slump to the floor imminent). The other option was in Amsterdam and I thought it would confuse people – as this vid’s all new and improved and stuff…

Anyway, go on and check it out. Go on!


If you’d like to see some more footage of me talking about the important things in my life and how coaching has helped shape that, check out these videos from a series on ‘leadership insights’:

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And if you’re interested in one to one coaching – do get in touch to find out more!

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