The lovely Marie Forelo, starts the run up to her B-school training course this week and has some great free training online today.

I did this course last year and found it really good. Actually annoyingly good, as it was pretty much everything I’d spent three years learning condensed into 8 weeks. Why didn’t I know about this course earlier? It’d have speeded my business development up, no end.

But it was so good, that not only did I do it last year, I’m going to do it again this year.

Once you’re an Alumni you can do it every year, which is pretty sweet. Some of my lovely clients are also doing it with me. And should you fancy that as well – then if you buy through my spiffy affiliate link above, then you’ll get a whole chunk of coaching from me for free.

Basically as I’m heavily involved in B-school, I’ll be running a mastermind class for my lovely clients who are doing the course. That’s 10 weeks of training with me, plus the amazing Marie Forleo course. Amazing value, as my mastermind groups alone cost almost as much as the course itself. Oh yes, sweet deal.

Anyway, I don’t usually talk about business over here – so hop over to Rethink Retreats main site, where I have a little more info. Or just check out Marie’s free training today, Friday (that’ll be Saturday in India), and next Wednesday. If you’ve got a business online, this is cracking stuff. Mail me for more info.

Normal nonsense about India will be resumed on Sunday.


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And of course do tell all your friends – both about my lovely affiliate link and offer, and about the free training. Free is good, right?