The view from the officeSo, as I mentioned, I’ve run away to the seaside this week.

I’ve come down to where I used to live in Kerala, in hope of finding the monsoon. Sadly there’s wasn’t much sign of it today, and so I was obliged to put up with beautiful sunshine, hazy but blueish skies and lashing of heat.

Life’s hard, eh?

I’ve not been slacking though – oh no, not me. I worked all morning from my favourite cafe – and this was the view whenever I looked up from my laptop.

As I said, it’s a hard life.

I shall attempt to not force you to look at the other beautiful locations I’ll be working from for the rest of the week. But I suspect, I’ll probably fail and post pictures anyway.

For those of you who need some schadenfruede, I have been bitten to bits by mosquitos this evening…

No, still hating me?

Ah well, I tried. Now – Waiter, I’ll have another fruity drink please.


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And of course, you can always work out ways to become location independent yourself.