Madam - View from the office 6 august 2014I’ve had a few people asking where I’m staying in Toronto and how I’m liking being over here.

So today I’m sharing my little hideaway in Toronto.

I’ve been trying out different areas in the city and this month I’m in a very quiet area near the lake.

As you can see there’s a lovely leafy garden and it’s very quiet and peaceful to work out here.

Sadly though I’ve not had that much chance to do so as it’s been really very chilly here. They’re calling it the ‘summer that wasn’t’.

As a warm blooded soul, you can imagine my horror at a non-summer after the winter they had here which was the worst for the last 75 years. It could just be a freak of the weather… or it could be the new weather systems in this part of the world.

Either way, it does not make a warm blooded sort such as myself happy.

Madam - View from the office 6 august 2014 trees 2But sitting in this garden writing did make me happy. I’m working on a new talk for my new course – which is about how to use the techniques of Hollywood films to make your clients happy (after all Hollywood has been creating raving fans for well over a 100 years).

I’m loving this work as it brings together my 20 years in film and all the work I’ve done with entrepreneurs in the last 3 years. Plus it’s just downright fun to be thinking about story structure and what each business is really about.

Sitting in a garden, listening to birdsong and the wind in the trees writing about something I’m passionate about… and I get to call this work?

Freaking marvellous.


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