Madam view from the office counting house 4 june 3

So I’m in London at the moment.

Not only am I working away as usual online, I’m getting out and about to meet clients.

Which means that between meetings I bed down with my laptop at the nearest likely looking location and make with the free wifi.

Mostly that’s coffee shops – but you’re hard pushed to find a coffee shop in the City of London. God alone knows why, as you’d think those city types were powered by caffeine.

Or something of a stimulating nature.

Madam view from the office counting house 4 june 3

The ‘or something’ in this case, being booze. I found myself spending a happy hour or two working away mid afternoon in this gorgeous bar ‘The Counting House’ just by the Bank of England, that is appropriately enough an old private bank


Lovely, isn’t it?

As was the glass of icy Chenin Blanc I had as I worked away.

Wine, old buildings, lovely clients… bliss.


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