madam - what if money was no objectNow I promised you more video on this blog.

And by George, I’m going to do that.

However, I’m a smidge behind on the getting things edited and ready. You know, Christmas rush and all that. Not to mention all the travelling about I’ve been doing recently.

So in the spirit of delivering my promises and sharing more from my other blogs: do check out this inspiring little film I shared on the Rethink Retreats blog.

It’s called ‘What if money was no object?’ and has Alan Watts giving some clear thoughts on the matter.

Nip over and have a look – and then ponder what you’d do if you could do anything?


Now if you’d like to see some video on this site (and frankly, why wouldn’t you?) – have a look at some of these:

Sometimes life is simply good

The crow chorus at dusk

What I was really doing in the Punjab

And as always – do please share your thoughts below. I’d love to know what you’d do if money was no object. A lot of the work I do with my clients is all about helping people dream again. And once you know what you want, it’s really not a big step to achieving it…