Another day, another video of Liz needing her hair combing. Sigh.

So as you may have read earlier in the blog, I took myself off on a big fancy holiday in November. I went off to NYC and then down to Costa Rica.

What I was doing there, amongst other things, was a fabulous raw food retreat with the equally fabulous Tera Warner. It was delightful – I made great friends, ate some great food, laughed till my face hurt and most importantly I got really clear on the plan for my businesses for the coming year.

It took a long time for me to get there – both physically (it’s 40 hours of travelling from India), but also emotionally. Although I travel all the time, I usually work while I’m there. But this trip was all about not working – and getting my head straight on some big stuff.

And gosh, I really did. You can hear me say how it was just the right thing, at just the right time in the video – and I really believe that. Retreats can change everything in just a few days. Obviously I believe that – that’s why I run retreats for my clients at Rethink Retreats. But it’s why I go on retreat myself as often as I can: I was up in the Punjab in October and over in Sri Lanka in August. OK so I was working as well, but each trip helped me build towards the massive changes I made in Costa Rica.

Tera is doing another retreat in May, this time in Mexico. If you get a chance go, it will be amazing. And it might just change your life. Gosh.


If you’d like to see more of the lovely places I was working last year then check out some of the amazing views from my ‘office’:

The view from the office : 19 July
The view from the office: Mon 6 August
The view from the office : 22 October

And do share your thoughts on retreats, Costa Rica and indeed my need for a comb below.