Right, so I shot this video in July. And I’ve not actually shared it with you till now.

Not because my hair is doing something ridiculous at the beginning – although it is. But because I got caught up in the whole shooting a cake documentary in New York thing. We’re still (very slowly) editing that by the way. More on that soon.

So, this video never went out – and really it should. Because I’d like to talk to you about where I’m moving next. As you’ll remember I announced my resolution to move on from India at the very beginning of the year. Plus there’s been the whole building site next door thing, which was making it deafening to stay here. Though that’s quieted down a lot recently.

Anyway, before I get on and tell you what my plans are – do watch this video and I’ll carry on the tale of what I’m doing, once you know how I felt a few months back. It’ll make the telling more dramatic. Promise.

I’ll continue this next week (it’s like a very small cliff hanger).

Oh and as I talk about the get in touch button… here it is:Get in touch buttonI am actually taking a few clients at the moment – so do get in touch. It’s fun having a few very select one to one clients each month. So do apply and maybe it’ll be you.

I’ll even tell you which country I’ll be in (so if you arrange an appointment, you’ll find out sooner than everyone else). How’s that for a tiny incentive? Failing that – I’ll give you the usual half hour strategy session for free. Because I’m nice like that.


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My New Year’s resolution

And if you’re interested in one to one coaching – do get in touch to find out more. I only take a few clients, but I’d love it to be you!

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