marie_forleo_live_your_dreamOk so this is a little bit of a fudge…

…but I promised you a little more video on the blog and the ‘live your dream’ site is full of lovely video site filled full of stories from people who have done Marie Forleo course, B-school which starts 11th March.

Just follow this link to the live your dream site

The site is beautifully put together – and if marketing an online business is your thing then def hop over and check it out.

And should you feel the urge to actually join up to B-school (and really it’s very good), then if you use my shiny affiliate link – this one – then you’ll be entitled to not only 8 kick ass weeks of B-school but 10 mastermind sessions to support you through it with the lovely me. Cool, eh?

See most people buy training and then don’t implement it properly because they get overwhelmed, or distracted, or lose interest. With a weekly mastermind of a little group of similar minded people… well that simply doesn’t happen. You stay directed and you achieve a lot more. Ace!

And remember that even though I’ve done pretty much continuous online training in marketing, business and coaching over the last three years – this is the one and only course I recommend. And the only one I’m an affiliate for – because frankly I was already recommending it to all my clients all the time anyway.

And you don’t even have to spend a single thing to get the benefit of some of this great training. You can check out over 90 minutes of training for free just by following the links below. So even if you’re just thinking of starting a business online – you’ll learn something useful as these videos are packed full of great info:

6 Pillars to Success
13 keys that you must have working in your online business
Are these common excuses holding your business back?

And don’t forget, if you use my handy affiliate link to purchase the course… well then you get those lovely masterminds as part of the deal. Just mail me with your B-school receipt and we’ll schedule you in!