I shot this October last year and as you can see the weather was beautiful. Chilly (particularly if you live in India, like me), but stunning.

Come and stand next to me and see the light bouncing off the wet sand, and all that gorgeous sky. You forget how much of it there is once you get out of the city.

I shot a couple of these – some on the dunes and some further up the beach, I’ll share them later in the year. Eek them out, so you get a variety of beachy goodness over the coming months.

I’ve still got some cracking things coming up – baby turtles making their first moves to the ocean in Sri Lanka, lovely singing at the Golden Temple… all sorts of things.

Keep checking back ever Friday, get a brew on, and get stuck into a tiny little holiday. Small but just as effective as a full two weeks. Well, almost.


This is part of the shiny new 1 minute holiday series – a new one every Friday.

Take another 1 minute holiday here:

Sunrise over the Dalai Lama’s Temple
Serene golden Buddha, the Temple at Norbulingka
Auto rickshaw journey – stuck in traffic in Bangalore

Or check the even newer and shinier 1 minute holiday page for the whole series. Oooh!

Do let me know what you think of this new one and all the others as they unfold in the comments below.