This is the beach I used to live on when I first moved to India in 2008.

It’s Lighthouse Beach at Kovalam, which is in the very south of Kerala. Quite near to what is geographically called ‘Kanyakamari’ or as I like to think of it ‘the pointy bit at the bottom of India’.

The beach is very long and shallow and, as you can hear, that makes it fairly noisy as the waves drag over the pebbles.

It’s a lovely spot though, and I miss my friends there and being next to the sea. Bangalore is a long way from the ocean and I miss seeing the seasons change over it.

And when I say a long way from the ocean, Bangalore is a 6 hour drive in one direction from the coast, and 8 in the other. Hard driving too, so not exactly day trip material. It’s one of the big issues I have with this city – it’s just too far from the water.

So for the next few 1 minute holidays, I’ll be indulging in a little waterside nostalgia.

Do forgive the lower quality of this video by the way, this was before I’d bought my fancy new video camera. So these ones are much lower res. You still get the holiday feel though, eh?


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