This is a bonus 1 minute holiday – well actually it’s only 30 seconds, so it’s a mini, mini holiday really. I shot it this morning just after I was woken to the mostly lovely rose coloured light coming through my windows.

I often wake at dawn, but I rarely venture onto the roof to view the glory of it all, as having to get dressed for outside seems a lot of effort at 5.30am. However today, I was wearing fancy pjs, so felt I could venture out with little fuss.

So, I grabbed my phone and made this rather wobbly little video for you, so you could also share the joy of it all. As you know, I’m very keen on savouring the small joys in life.

And in this case – I needed to remember that my home is still beautiful, despite the recent tree death next door. You get a pretty good view of that when I swing round at the end and there’s a complete dirth of trees. Sigh.

By the way, Gentle Reader, sorry if that’s too much information about what I was wearing. Though as it happens, I have much more to say on the subject of pyjamas in forthcoming posts. I can tell you’re excited about that, who wouldn’t be?

And while I’m on the subject, did you know pyjamas is a word that came from Hindi and entered the language with the Victorians and the Raj? Here it still means the sort of loose trousers you wear under a kurta, but in my case, I was actually wearing fleecy things with a draw string. And I’ll have you know, very fetching they are too.

See pyjamas are already turning out to be more educational than you thought.


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