This is where I was staying in Phuket. Fabulous, eh? Chosen, I might add, so that I could film my new training videos there. Rather splendid as a backdrop, even if you can hear the hum of the pool pumps.

I was here to sort out my Indian visa which was a bit of a pain right in the middle of everything else I’ve got going on with the new course launching and emigrating and all. But, a place as lovely as this rather buffered the blow.

If you’d like to see how the free training videos turned out – and I urge you to do as as they’re free and rather good – then click on this link, drop your email in the box and you’ll be straight in to watch the first one about how to make sure you achieve your goals.

It’s some of my best stuff – the things I share with my one to one clients to help them dig deep and find out why they’re making big plans, but not quite following through. Five simple steps reveal what’s going on in your subconscious, flip it to your advantage and then have your sailing along to great things.

I’m rather pleased with how it all turned out – with this villa as the backdrop, the best bits of my goal stuff and a few cheesy graphics… hop over and have a look and later today you’ll get an email about the next one – that’s about Slaying Procrastination, and it’s also rather good.

Go on – check it out here!


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