This week we’re back on the beach again – we’ve had something of a run of them recently – some sunnier than others. This one is the endlessly long beach at Ponducherry, haunt of the early morning exerciser.

Get down there around 7am and it is rammed with people walking, running through stretches and a little yoga and matronly types chatting. Join me in gawking at the scene. I did pick a quiet spot, but all the same it’s fairly busy for so early.

At the end we get a nice long look at the beautiful Indian Ocean. Sigh. I rather wish I was there right now. I’ve done a lot of travelling this last year, but not very much of it has been in India. I really must remedy that – there are so many amazing and beautiful places in this country.


This is part of the shiny new 1 minute holiday series – a new one every Friday.

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