The September night rains have started in good and earnest in Bangalore. It’s a very polite form of monsoon we get at this time of year (well September really, the clue’s in the name). The rains start almost as soon as it gets dark, and stop most nights about 3am. The sudden stopping of all that rainfall usually wakes me up, which I’m not so keen on: but I love falling asleep to the monsoon rains, it’s so lovely.

Which is odd as in the UK and Ireland, I utterly loathe rain. It’s one of the main reasons I moved away. But monsoon is different, it’s so intense and sexy almost. The air becomes electric and if it’s during day time there is a strange yellow light that occurs just before they start.

Anyway, in honour of the rains returning, I dug out this lovely little minute from my trip last year to Costa Rica. That trip was almost a year ago now, which is astounding. Anyway, I arrived from India and went straight to Poas, which is a very special area ecologically, full to the brim of amazing plants and creatures. However it was also utterly freezing for one so recently arrived from India.

But my room was warm and toasty, so although I ventured out only a little into the wilds (that looked like a slightly tropical Scotland), I was utterly enchanted by the movement of the clouds over the face of the volcano. Come and sit next to me and soak it up. There’s very little sound… but that is exactly how it was there: serene. Imagine how that felt after India and New York.


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