This week we’re at the stunning Nash statement that is Park Terrace at Great Portland Street in London. We’re just up from the BBC and round the corner from a studio I used to work. Well, I worked at the main building a little nearer to Soho, but the studio was up here so I spent a lot of time strolling round these streets. Lovely, eh?

As you can see it’s a glorious day and London is out in force. Post is being collected, tourists are being ferried about, life is generally good.

Stand next to me and take it all in…

As you may know John Nash made a huge contribution to the look of London at the end of the 18th Century. And his work is still visible in many places – all round Regents Street and Regents Park for a start. Across vast swathes of tourist literature, the images that we think of as London, are often his designs. If you know what Buckingham Palace looks like – you’ve seen some of his work.


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