Now this is Om Beach, which is really quite delightful. It’s just south of Goa in the state I live in Karnataka. It’s very lovely and I was there about four years ago scouting locations for Rethink Retreats.

It’s a hard life as you can imagine! The beach is named because it’s actually two beaches in one, and from above it looks like the Om symbol. It’s fairly undeveloped, but there are a few shack hotels and restaurants there.

Even nicer from a Rethink point of view there is a totally beautiful boutique hotel that’s completely sustainable and organic tucked out of view behind the palms. Really discrete and low impact. I was dubious, but was utterly charmed once I got there.

I also spent a lot of time just wandering about the sand with my feet in the water. And that’s were we get todays video. This is probably the earliest 1 minute holiday I made – back before it was more than just a ‘I’d like other people to have this same feeling I have now, let me record this’.

So, come and stand next to me. Our feet in the warm water of the Arabian Sea – the waves lapping our ankles and just let your mind go a little slack and enjoy a tiny little vacation.

I really must go back soon. It’s a lovely spot. And the other less accessible beaches are supposed to be even nicer. Yum.

hands up who fancies a retreat there?


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