As you know, I was lucky enough to spend a month in Costa Rica last year.

I was very extravagant and treated myself to a few days at the very fancy eco lodge, Lapa Rios in the very south of the country. Apart from having an incredibly diverse and beautiful eco system, it is also one of very few tropical fjords in the world (though what makes it a fjord I couldn’t tell you – it’s something to do with how the tide affects the inlet… I think).

What I can tell you is that it is stunningly beautiful and you are at one with nature. Or rather nature is just there. Massive insects, faun like creatures on the path, massive butterflies and macaws everywhere… stunning.

Best of all in the early morning you can hear the freakish sound of howler monkey troupes in the distance. You can hear them on the video at around the 1 minute mark – a sort of rhythmic ululating sound. The jungle is not even slightly quiet as you can hear.

This fact startles most visitors – but not of course, if you live in the tropics already this is hardly news. Everywhere I went, Ticos (as the Costa Ricans call themselves) were a tiny bit disappointed that I found the sounds comforting and homey, and not really unnerving and loud.

Watch the video and get a feel for it yourself – this is the dawn chorus on the Peninsula de Osa. Quiet, it ain’t.


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