Last year I took a bit of a jaunt to the delightful Neeleshwar Hermitage, to check it out as a possible venue for a retreat. Gorgeous, eh?

There are beautiful cottages, miles of untouched beach, and brilliant Ayurvedic treatments.. but it’s down possibly the worst road I have ever been on this side of Africa. Really, appallingly bad. It was just after the rains and would apparently be improved when my clients would arrive – but it was bone shakingly awful event to get there.

Still you, dear reader, can skip all that with the magic of video. So come and stand next to me and drink in the quiet pool and the lovely view. And consider that when it’s that annoying to get somewhere, it’s lovely and quiet when you arrive…

PS I confess that I’m short changing you again – this 1 minute video is actually only 30 seconds long. Cheeky!


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