Following on from last weeks reminder of the summer in the UK – here’s another seasonal moment; this time a flash of the monsoon in Kerala. Come and sit on the porch with me and listen to the night rains lash the beach hotel I was staying at last year.

Forgive the quality and instead go for the atmosphere (that’s me covering up the fact it’s very dark when the lightening isn’t doing it’s thing).

While I sat on the porch quietly staring into space I was serene in the knowledge that my fancy room in it’s own detached house was safe from flooding due to the extremely large steps up to the porch. And the fact I was at least four feet off the ground.

So imagine my surprise when a toad jumped straight up on to it from the ground. Flop. Right next to my foot. It frightened the life out of me: I wasn’t expected Olympic standard straight jumping from amphibians.

But as you can see, I pulled myself together and valiantly shot this footage of the power of the rains a little later. If they’re a little wobbly, I think we can all blame the toad. They shouldn’t go terrifying people like that…


This is part of the shiny new 1 minute holiday series – a new one every Friday.

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