As you know I was very recently in New York filming. Years of working in film, means that I feel duty bound to play it down a bit and to tell you that it sounds so much more exciting than it really was: that actually we worked really hard, and it was quite tough. Blah, blah.

But… I flew half way round the world to eat cake on camera: and frankly that WAS every bit as fabulous as it sounds. One of the most glamorous cities in the world and me with a reason to bakery crawl the entire city. My god, my life is wonderful.

And as if two weeks of scoffing cake wasn’t fabulous enough – look at the location I sorted out for us to shoot at. Come and stand with me on the roof checking it all out. Shiny buildings, the sound of the city, all that amazing blue sky. It’s a 1 minute marvel.

And as this was shot by an actual real professional camera man as opposed to me and my wobbly hand held stuff, it’s a bit more slick than usual. Not as slick as it might be of course, but then the poor man was probably fighting off diabetes from recently having been forced to eat cake in large quantities.

Apparently it’s not for everyone. Who knew?

Anyway, more cake documentary goodness very soon – but interlaced with the usual Indian foolishness as well.


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