Now, I was in London two weeks ago, passing through on the way to my shoot in NYC. I flashed through town for what felt like 30 seconds. Just enough time to hug some friends and scoff some cake… just the important things!

And the place was looking stunning in the freak summer that’s recently broken out. I can’t remember the last time I saw summer there (many years before I left for India at least), maybe 2007? Ages ago, anyway.

I usually get there in early spring or beautiful autumn. That’s when I shot this weeks 1 minute video: in March, just as spring was arriving. And even though the suns not shining, you get all the beauty of this amazing old tree in Mary-le-bone churchyard.

So sit with me on a quiet bench and hear the sounds of London, as we crane our necks up and look at the clouds… ah, isn’t that a wonderful little holiday?

It’s a super short one, so maybe watch it twice to get the full benefit.


This is part of the newish 1 minute holiday series – a new one every Friday.

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Do let me know what you think of this new one and all the others as they unfold in the comments below.