A few people have been asking me what it was like where I was staying last week, so here it is. Rather lovely, as you can see.

Mai Khao is a National Park in the north of Phuket Island (which is the largest in Thailand). How so many lovely hotels have been built there I do not know, but they’re all rather discretely tucked out of the way and it’s still very beautiful.

Not of course quite as beautiful as if they hadn’t been built in a National Park, but there you go. But Mai Khao Beach, Phuket is particularly lovely whatever it’s surrounded by.

I’ll have more vids from Thailand in the next few weeks – and also my free training vids about how to make sure you achieve your goals, from my other life at Rethink Central.

They’re rather good, I’ll tip you the wink, when they’re available next week.


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