A small departure for us in the world of 1 minute holidays (see what I did there with the pun about departure? Ahem). Anyway, moving on – this is our first guest 1 minute holiday. We’ve seen tiny vacations from staff before, but never from a friend of Rethink.

This week, Tova Payne who lives in Vancouver has kindly taken a minute to share her morning constitutional with us. You can see the crisp morning, the very blue sky and the really beautiful Kits Beach near Vancouver. Plus if you pay careful attention you can even catch glimpse of Tova’s shadow at the end. Result, it’s like we’re right there with her.

Rethink Central Madam blog - TovaTova and I became friends through B-school, which you’ll remember is Marie Forleo’s rather fabulous marketing training.

Each year, I take a small group people through the course. Enrollment has just finished, and it’s lovely meeting so many new people. But few are as talented and lovely as our Tova.

More about Tova Payne can be found here.

Her work is all about helping soulful entrepreneurs get from wish-list to done-list.

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