So last week, we looked at Lighthouse Beach, which is the beach I lived up the hill from when I lived in Kovalam a few years back.

It’s a lovely place, a little bit rundown in places (well most places), but seaside-y and fun. There are lots of foreigners there too, so sometimes I wouldn’t be stared at all the time. Which was rather nice.

Not that the staring is hostile – but it is pervasive. Generally Indian people like the novel – there is a quest for something that’s ‘a little bit different’. And as a giant white thing sat on their beach, I qualify whole heartedly as something a bit different and something to stare at.

And people don’t just stare, they ask to have their photos taken with me, or their very new wife. In fact, you can see two honeymooners in this video – that couple down on the waters edge are obviously just married and getting to grips with only having known each other a short while but being married.

Marriage can be a fast event in Kerala – from introduction to marriage might be a month, or potentially even only a week. Where I live now further north, people seem to take a lot longer over it – years sometimes. It all feels rather cosmopolitan after Kerala.

But I miss the place horribly. And my gosh, I miss the ocean – look at… sigh. So, this 1 minute holiday is as much for me, as to share it with you.

I really do want to be stood there again, with the sand between my toes and the sound of the waves in my ears.

Quickly, to the beach!


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