After last weeks damp volcano 1 minute holiday, I thought you deserved something a bit warmer and a bit more Indian.

So to continue the theme of what I was doing about this time last year, here’s a lovely minute from my trip to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. There are few places on earth that really live up to expectations, but this did.

The place utterly charmed me, from it’s lovely music and happy pilgrims, to the fact the whole place was so spotlessly clean that you could have had open heart surgery in the middle of the floor and been fine.

In fact, it was a tiny bit too diligently cleaned… all the steps and marble were wet a lot of the time from all that mopping, so you had to look lively not to slip over. But in a country as full of dust as this, I am not going to complain about enthusiastic cleaning. I get enough of the unenthusiastic cleaning at home from my maid…

Anyway, come and stand next to me and soak in the music, the people and the general spirit of the place. No wonder it’s beloved by Sikhs all over the world.

Oh and this is what I was doing in Amritsar in the first place. I can’t quite believe it’s an entire year since I was there. I need some kind of recount on this year.


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