Yes, I know I’ve shared the dawn in Bangalore from my rooftop before – but allow me a little nostalgia about my home as I’ll be leaving here soon (very soon actually – we’re at 7 weeks and counting – aaaaah, so much to do).

This was shot 30 December, so it’s very nearly our last glimpse of 2013. Which was a pretty good year for me. I got a lot done, I consolidated a lot of things and it’s set the ground work for what so far is proving to be a really freaking exciting 2014.

And by exciting I mean a white knuckle ride through launching, moving countries and doing three courses at once. Oh yeah and that little matter of building my relationship on rock solid ground.

It’ll all be fine, right? How hard can any of that be? Long as you’ve got a plan, and a set of goals you can’t go wrong. And cake, you need cake.

Is it wrong that I had cake for breakfast today? I don’t think so. Two types of caramel is the way forward, people. And when one of them is my salted cacao caramel that’s so thick it’s almost fudge… it can only be a force for good in the world. And that kind of innovation doesn’t happen on it’s own – you have to test. And test. And eat the damn stuff for breakfast.

(It is quite possible I’m suffering a sugar rush at the moment… I may go and calm down)


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