Now this weeks video is something very special. I’ve been saving it as something of a finalé for the year. I was privileged enough to go to a baby turtle sanctuary in Sri Lanka two years back. They allow you to help save baby turtles – olive ridgebacks – by releasing them close to the waters edge.

This is a pretty big thing for turtles – their eggs are often stolen by poachers. And even if they do survive that trauma, they have a long hard slog over the dunes to the ocean. On the way lizards, snakes and seagulls lie in wait for them as a tasty snack.

It ain’t easy being a baby turtle. Mind you, it’s not easy being a fully grown turtle either – what with all the plastic and pollution in the oceans.

But these little fellers in the film were set free quite close to the water line so they didn’t have so far to crawl. You can’t stick them in the water, as the abrasion from the sand apparently does something useful to their young shells. Plus apparently the instinct to swim is so strong you just need to let them out and they’re off like a shot to the water.

See how they do. It’s strangely compelling. Bet you find yourself cheering them on.

Go turtles, go!


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