So I spend a lot of time talking about Bangalore traffic. It’s pretty awful to be honest. And today in our 1 minute holiday you get to feel the inside of an auto too.

Yes, I realise that sitting in traffic might not sound like a holiday to most of you – but it’s Indian traffic, so it’s at least a smidge out of most readers lives, if not specifically yours directly.

You’ll see the pervasive weaving through traffic, hear quite how noisy it is inside an auto and get a bit of the feeling for how hot, cramped and slow moving it all is… but you’ll also get a tiny slice of urban Indian life.

Right here, right now, for 1 minute. And that sounds like a holiday to me.

Tune in next week for another 1 minute holiday. As a reward for having sat in traffic this week, I’ll make sure it’s a lovely beach for your next week.



This is part of the shiny new 1 minute holiday series – a new one every Friday.

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