Now, I know I’ve shared a lot of Hampi videos recently – but this is something special. Totally otherworldly. I was spellbound when this happened.

Here’s a Brahmin priest doing some odd (and fairly prosaic) housekeeping: looking for coins in the flooded water around the massive lingum at one of the shrines at Hampi. The sort of thing that’s usually done by men in overalls at places like the Trevi fountain.

Personally I’ve never been sure why people throw money into water – I know it’s supposed to bring luck… but it seems very deeply ingrained in many countries.

Anyway, here this chap is – perhaps not quite the full picnic, it must be said – humming away to himself and in the process, creating a moment that feels quite out of our current time.

Join me for a moment and feel as though you’re travelling back thousands of years.


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