This is the beautiful Osa Peninsular in the south of Costa Rica. A quite remarkable place; it’s home to a variety of rare and endangered forests, creatures and apparently the incredibly rare phenomena of a tropical fjord.

To be honest, even though I’ve been there, I don’t really know what a tropical fjord is: or even what distinguishes a fjord from other forms of intersection with the ocean. But I can attest to it’s utter beauty.

But being a rainforest it’s not even slightly quiet most of the time. This is early morning, but a little after the dawn chorus when things have calmed down a bit. Stand with me and soak up the view but also the noise of the forest. You’ll hear lots of bird song.

At night however it was of course, deafening. Living in India I found the noise homey and calming, particularly as it didn’t have trucks and crows in the mix. This slightly flummoxed the staff as they were used to the standard city dwelling Westerner response of shock at how noisy it all was.

I’ll share some dawn 1 minute holidays later in the year – you can even hear a little distant howler monkey action in some of them. Oh yes.


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