Earlier in the week I was talking about the beautiful Norbulingka Institute in Dharamsala.

So, here’s a tiny holiday there – come and spend one minute looking round the temple with me, on a bright sunny day last autumn. You can hear the cicadas outside, but inside it’s cool and quiet and we can see the lovely hangings and beautiful paintings a stunningly beautiful Buddha sculpture.

This is part of my new 1 minute holiday series – every Friday for the next year I’ll be sharing a tiny holiday like this one. So grab your mug, sit down and immerse yourself in somewhere new.

A holiday can be a moment long – but if it makes you feel wonderful, then it’s just as a good a two weeks…


This is the second in the series, but I have shared a few earlier ones, before I got all official and started calling them a ‘series’. Check those out below:

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And if you’ve been to Norbulingka, do please give me your memories below. I love hearing from you!