Madam - bus and autoI no longer have a full-time driver.

It’s a hard life, eh?

There really wasn’t any point keeping one now that I am entirely occupied running Rethink Retreats at home from my beautiful room with a view. Which, you may remember, is fabulously eagle adjacent.

Apart from seeing clients in Bangalore one day a week, the rest of the time I’m mostly working online. The driver was getting well fed up just sitting about waiting for the odd trip to the supermarket with the maid.

So about six months ago, I simply stopped using the car service. Saves me a fortune each month, as the car was really my biggest expense.

This peeved the maid, however – she now has to get the bus instead of being chauffeur driven about and lug the groceries down the road herself.

‘Too many fruits, Madam’, as she likes to point out.

Or rather she did till my complete lack of interest in this fact, made her realise her complaint was going nowhere.  And really, was she actually expecting me to eat less food because she has to carry some pineapples the three minute walk from the bus stop?

Actually thinking about it… that might explain her complete lack of dusting.

Anyway, I now get taxis everywhere or occasionally auto rickshaws. Autos, or ricks, are what you probably know as tuk tuks from Thailand. For some reason they’re not called that in India.

Probably the same reason that minivan buses in Cuba are called wawas – they just are.

Anyway, back to the point – where possible I get a taxi. You can order them online and the service is frankly excellent: well priced and punctual. More than punctual, the drivers turn up half an hour early. There’s a meter, and I know roughly speaking what it will cost in advance.

Sadly in an auto, I am almost always ripped off. Nothing personal, but as far as rickshaw drivers are concerned, the colour of my skin means I’ve got more money than most and therefore will have to pay more.

It’s almost fair enough. Almost

So sometimes I have to get autos – particularly round my local area, or on the rare occasions the cab firm lets me down.

I’ll tell you  more about the joys of price haggling with auto drivers in part two.


This is part one of three part post

Part Two – No, no, no, Madam

Part Three  – The view from the back seat


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