Madam - not a good day - except for these shiny aubergines I’m a business coach and people generally expect me to have most things sorted out.

Patently, this is not the case.

Not only is this blog witness to that (I’ve even been known to shout at cripples in the street on a particularly bad day) – but it’s human to not be perfect.

And oh boy, am I human.

This week I’m preparing to do the immigration part of my journey. I’ve already emigrated from India, but I’ve been in a sort of fancy holding pattern the last couple of months before immigrating to Canada.

And I suddenly hit a wall of resistance. I just didn’t want to go. Nothing wrong with Toronto, but it’s just not really a city of which I’m particularly fond. Sure I could learn to love it, but right now, this week, that felt a bit much.

Tad awkward that, as I’m going on Saturday whether or not I feel like it. Flights are all booked, accommodations set for the coming months and I’ve got a ride sorted from the airport. I’m even seeing people for dinner next week. In Toronto.

I kind of have to go.

But here’s the thing, if I really didn’t want to go, I could just change my plans. That’s the lovely thing about my life, I’m pretty free and breezy about where I live as I’m not committed to one place in particular.

But I am committed to my shiny new online course about delivering amazing customer service using film techniques that I’m writing (and boy, is that going to be ace). And I’m committed to being in the right timezone for most of my clients… and not giving in to sudden and extreme resistance.

Because that’s what this is, a big fat wall of resistance.

It’s natural to have strong emotions, and the trick is to not let them bottle up and overwhelm you. Experience them, live them, feel how you are right now and accept that. I had a whinge to my friend, spoke to my mastermind buddies (who were freaking brilliantly supportive, as they always are), and generally allowed myself to lull a bit.

I even didn’t post this blog till the next day. I allowed myself to feel low and to not get everything done. Emigrating take a lot of planning and my last days are always a route march of dashing about seeing people and getting last minute things.

So, this blog went out late. I decided to send my newsletter on Friday rather than Thursday and today I woke up feeling much, much better. Toronto will be what it is.

And I will always be human. And both those things are just dandy.

That’s all very well Liz, but why the aubergine pic?

I saw them on Wednesday. And they’re beautiful. So I took a moment to love their colour and their shininess.

And they prove to me that on even the most rubbish day there will be something very beautiful around you. You just need to find it.


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