Madam - tiramasuI posted this back in March on my personal Facebook page – but felt it was really time to share it with a wider world.

Because, India, we really need to talk about exactly what constitutes ‘authentic tiramisu’.

I mean really – what the hell is it?

This was from the Taj Vivanta in Pune. A posh and cultured hotel chain that really should have known better.

The menu went on at length about ‘good old tiramasu’ – as though we all know it so well that it needs no introduction. And indeed for most of us in Europe we don’t. And yet, and yet… they bring this unrecognisable monstrosity to my table.

Patently not many Italians pass this way, and certainly none through the kitchens.

As one of the original FB comments said so succinctly ‘eeww’.