Madam - throwing things at customersAs we all know, India is cricket crazy.

So, when you think about it having bowling practise nets at malls isn’t that odd.

When you think about it. Till you think about it, it does seem very, very strange. The first one of these I saw confused me deeply.

But as with so much in India, I’ve learned to consider it normal. Cricket is simply everywhere in this country.

What was not normal, was when I happened to pass this set up one day and the machine that delivers cricket balls to be batted at was obviously not working… In lieu of the bowling machine, the game lads from the stall where simply standing at one end of the nets throwing cricket balls at their client.

And yes I do realise that is all a bowling machine is doing – mimicking the effect of a bowler… but really throwing hard things at a customer? It mostly looked vindictive.

There were three young men, all giggling and standing very close to each other as is the way here, bowling at their beaming customer. Everyone enjoying themselves immensely, mostly due to things not really going off as expected.

Actually, thinking about it, that’s a fairly good parable for modern India. We’ve got something high tech. But it’s not currently working, so we’ll just use lots of manpower instead.

Blimey, that is modern India in a nutshell.


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